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Amcor young leaders: redesigning the lost & found experience

Design Thinking has become a methodology that is a mainstay in business strategies all around the world. Aware of this, Amcor, one of the international leaders in responsible global packaging solutions, designed and implemented an Accelerated Career Development Program together with WDBH to train their young leaders to see beyond the corporate world and boost their creative thinking. In this context, Spark Works facilitated a half-day hands-on session on Design Thinking to help participants exploring how Human-Centered Design could be applied to complement Amcor’s existing innovation efforts and capabilities.

After a short introduction to the fundamentals of the methodology, the participants dived into the creative process by working on a fictional challenge: how can we redesign the “lost & found” experience?

Combining short theoretical inputs, teamwork and pitching sessions, participants were guided through the four phases of the Design Thinking process. During the empathy phase, they gained insights into user needs by conducting peer to peer interviews. Once identified the most compelling needs and narrow down the solution space by defining a clear problem statement, they generated, shared and clustered new concepts to inspire the ideation phase. Different solutions were finally prototyped, tested and presented in front of the group.

 “By observing our target group, generating ideas, adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping we were able to develop creative solutions.” – Anna Krakówka, Amcor workshop participant

The workshop ended with a general reflection on how Human-Centered innovation is successfully applied by existing companies and how this mindset could be incorporated into a sustainable organizational strategy.

Having experienced the Design Thinking process, Amcor's young leaders of the future are now better equipped to challenge complacency and entrenched standards in their existing innovation processes and respond to their future challenges by taking on a new Human-Centered perspective.

by Mareike Keller, former Intern


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