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As many of us are unpacking our suitcases from these summer holidays, we are reflecting on what makes traveling special, and giving you a sneak peek into a concept we have been refining for the past three years.

The importance of traveling

Traveling is good for you. In fact, research suggests that staying abroad can benefit both your physical and mental health. It relieves stress, reduces the risk of depression, and can even boost your creativity.

Traveling to foreign places helps you discover new ways of doing things, forces you to question yourself, and sometimes helps you identify “problems-to-be-solved” that could lead to new successful ventures – after all, both concepts behind Instagram and GoPro were originally imagined on vacation.

Innovation and traveling

The problem with traveling (especially when on a quest for inspiration) is time. Not everyone can spend months abroad, waiting for the perfect idea to come or that special connection to move things forward.

Innovation in Shanghai

Innovation trips need a clear purpose, a carefully selected location, and a meaningful program. This is exactly what we have set out to do for clients: after intense research, we have designed a complete week-long tour in the most inspiring innovation and technology hubs in China (Shanghai and Shenzhen).

Welcome to China

If only a few decades ago the “factory of the world” was only competing on low manufacturing costs, its massive recent investments in R&D expenditures, innovativeness and technological intensity made Chinese firms increasingly competing on quality, novelty and design levels. This also came with the development and implementation of new strategies and policies to foster innovation, that changed the role of the government, as the private sector gained strength and influence.

These recent evolvements, combined with the long peculiar history of the country, make China a unique market to explore and learn from.

 innovation and technology hubs in China

We bring you there

Drawing on our knowledge and network in the innovation industry and previous experiences in the Chinese market, we are offering a chance for selected participants to explore during five days where China is heading by having a closer look at the intersection of economic, political and cultural factors.

Through a carefully crafted program that includes meetings with business managers and entrepreneurs at international Chinese and Swiss companies, visits to government-owned entities and vibrant innovation hubs, and many networking opportunities; participants get the chance to develop knowledge for doing business in China. To round things off and get everyone inspired, we made sure to include cultural experiences and sightseeing opportunities, where participants can familiarize with the local culture.

Are you next?

Now, this type of traveling might not be the most relaxing, but it is a sure way to spark your creativity and expand your horizon – will it lead to the next billion-dollar idea? There is only one way to find out!

If you are interested in joining us on our next adventure; get in touch!

By Dorian Burkhalter, former Intern

Innovation Company

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