How to create radical innovation with the help of Design Thinking


New emerging technologies and interdisciplinary and cross-industry business models offer Swiss companies attractive opportunities for their future and growth. However, the world today is more volatile and complex than ever before.

Product lifecycles are getting shorter, and customers want customized solutions for their everyday requirements. Product innovations alone are often no longer enough today to ensure companies remain competitive. Radical innovations capable of changing the market and the company significantly are needed. Innosuisse – the Swiss Innovation Agency – supports research-based innovations produced through cooperation between research institutions and implementation partners from industry.

Mixed teams and the combination of research findings, state-of the-art technologies, market knowledge, strategic factors and implementation experience enable new, targeted solutions to be found to meet increasingly demanding customer requirements. Successful innovation concepts take account of all key aspects from the outset and proactively factor in customer requirements as well as the environment in which business partners operate.

Innosuisse will support the “NTN – Innovation Booster” from 2021. This initiative aims to bring together teams at national level from research institutions, the economy and society to focus on a specific innovation topic and to support the generation and testing of particular innovation ideas. Innosuisse will provide direct funding to jointly develop new innovative ideas and to test them in the early stage. This promotes an agile process and continuously improves the quality of ideas.

NTN Innovation Booster

Agile innovation development methods include Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design. They help the generation and implementation of radical innovations. What do these terms actually mean and what lies behind these methods?

On behalf of Innosuisse, Spark Works – one of Switzerland’s leading strategic innovation companies – has outlined the key elements of Design Thinking methods in a clear and concise way. 

Have a look at the full brochure. It aims to provide an overview, give information, help overcome any inhibitions and encourage readers to see innovation as an agile process and to constantly improve the quality of their own ideas. 

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