Empathy at our core –
our new branding


We are convinced that in a world more volatile and complex than ever, innovation cannot just come from linear thinking and incremental changes. It needs new perspectives and bold moves. Priding ourselves of our dynamic capability and practicing what we preach, we spent the last year rethinking and refining our approach, our offering and our brand.

Knowing that our new branding needed to be bold, fun and to the point, we collaborated with our highly experienced friends from Creative Supply, a Zurich based agency specializing in the fields of brand strategy, design and engagement. Spending several creative sessions in their lab to define our core value proposition, client benefits, beliefs and company values, we soon realized that empathy is at the core of everything we do. By providing customer research and advisory services to our clients using a human-centered approach, we strive to offer new perspectives to organizations seeking to innovate and advance society through empathy.

With the help of talented visual designers we were able to translate our brand beliefs into an appealing visual communication concept and created an equally fun, consistent and professional brand identity across our communication channels.

by Linda Armbruster, Design Partner


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