Redefining Digital Marketing with Human-Centered Design


Digital marketing: SEO, social media, newsletters, Big Data Analytics and many more. In the digital era, one can be overwhelmed by the variety of digital marketing possibilities. Where to start? How to measure results? Which tools to use? And, even more critical: how to make sure that the time and resources invested will deliver the expected results? Too many questions, and only one answer: Human-Centered Design. Surprised? Let us share with you few ideas on how to apply Design Thinking to your digital marketing strategy.

1. Combine your colleagues` views and ideas

Working on a digital marketing strategy is a task that cannot be left to the marketing manager alone. Involving employees from different departments will help you to create unexpected ideas, define the core ones, understand the real problem you want to solve and develop a first prototype of your digital marketing strategy accordingly. Design Thinking allows everyone to contribute with their thoughts, share challenges and learn from each other, so to create a final product whose sense of ownership is shared.

2. Focus on your clients

We usually have the best overview of what our clients do. Unfortunately, the knowledge of who they really are is missing. The qualitative marketing analyses supported by Human-Centered Design gives you a deep understanding of your current and potential clients. A winning digital marketing strategy is all about how you meet their needs, how you solve their problems and help them to make their dreams come true.

3. Choose the right tools

Digital world gives us countless opportunities to address a broad audience. Unfortunately, the increasing number of online tools doesn’t make it necessarily easier. During the Design Thinking process, you have a chance to detect the online presence of your clients, filter the best digital tools, understand their potential in reaching your goals and apply them in your testing process.

4. Prototype and test

As soon as you can, try out your new digital marketing strategy. Design Thinking is a process; marketing is a process. You need to find out what ‘wows’ you and make the tough decisions. Your marketing activities will be easier to implement with a drafted digital marketing plan. Give yourself time to apply it, learn about what works and what doesn’t, analyze, listen to your audience and come back to the process as soon as new ideas are needed.

Way to go! – Where digital marketing activities make the dreams of your clients come true

Understanding these simple principles of Design Thinking for digital marketing will not just help you to create a surprising human-centered marketing strategy to be tested, but - most importantly - will help you to build a lasting relationship with your clients. There is no perfect digital marketing recipe that you can implement right away. It needs to be tested, measured, refined and tested again until you will reach the results you want.

Easier said than done? Content is king and queen, but so is your client. Make your client king/queen with your human-centered digital marketing strategy. We, at Spark Works, would be happy to discuss your case and help you to bring the best out of your business.

by Iwona Fluda, Freelancer


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