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A retail company that wants to launch a new user-oriented application for on-the-go food. A financial institution that needs to develop a customer-driven strategy for the bank of the future. Or a technology transfer hub striving to re-think its creative space to meet the fast-changing needs of its tenants. Read the stories of the companies we have supported on their innovation journey. Whether it is through customer insights research, market testing or hands-on sessions.

‘‘Spark Works brought a fresh, out-of-the-box approach to help build on our innovation efforts, and they worked closely with us to ensure the experience they delivered was relevant and customized to our audience. The team is lean, dynamic and brings the Silicon Valley spirit to Zurich.’’

Priyanka Sharma Wahl, Engagement Migros Fund

‘‘It was a great experience for the whole team which was impressed by the methodical competence as well as the fast impact of the project results.’’

Hilmar Scheel, Head Valora Lab/CEO bob Finance AG

‘‘The sprint session for our B2B solution was definitely worth its time.’’

Stephan Koch, Adaptricity, Co-founder

‘‘Having had the experience of a hands-on DT session gives me confidence that I have not only learnt the concepts of Human-Centered Design but more importantly that I am able to apply it to my work and achieve business results, something that typically innovation is not known to be connected to.’’

Ines Silvia, DT Session participant

‘‘We create, fail and try again, and that's what it is all about.’’

Anna Krakówka, Amcor, DT Session participant

Would you like to learn more about Human-Centered Innovation, get trained or simply understand how you can successfully apply it in your company? Spark Works is happy to help.

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